Project Diary

June 2022 : Public Event in Perugia, Italy

Event organised by Scuola Nazionale Servizi for members of youths organisations to share the experience of the project and to make Future Planners a platform for interactions between youth committees that have formed local committees for discussion about transport, accessibility and IT/logistical solutions to make the area of the Lake Trasimeno more accessible and better connected with the city of Perugia.

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May 2022 : Public Event in Putignano, Italy

Event organised by Associazione Warrols which had successfully concluded another project (Save Town) in the previous years in the same location. The event was open to all residents of the historic centre mainly aimed at the younger segments of residents, which proved to be the segments of residents most interested in the Future Planners projectDuring the event, numerous proposals for social activation emerged and a constructive debate aimed at improving the centre of Putignano was born.


May 2022 : Public Event in Trondheim, Norway

Event organised by NTNU Department of Design for the members of the youth and adult municipality. Members of the youth municipality were student representatives from all the Trondheim secondary and upper-secondary schools. Presentations featured the project activities and the results including the final publication through community publishing.


April 2022 : Public Event in Vittoriosa, Malta

Event organised by VisMedNet Association at the conclusion of a training activity in Malta. During the event youths presented their ideas for the area that was up for repurposing to become a centre for the community. They used visual presentations of their ideas and the results of their community consultations.


April 2022 : Coordination Meeting in Malta coinciding with the training held in Valletta during the same week. This was the final meeting that also added exploration into new collaborations to extend scope and reach of the Future Planners project.


February 2022 : Coordination Meeting in Putignano coinciding with the training during the same week. This helped the partners plan for the next round of training and start working on a joint publication.


December 2021 : Coordination Meeting in Bordeaux coinciding also with the first round of training in Bordeaux. This also a first experiment together in the training so it opened the way to the planning of the rest of the local activities in the partner countries.


September 2021 : Coordination Meeting in Trondheim that brought the partners together for the first time.

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6th July 2021 : Online meet up preparing for our first face-to-face meeting

FP July    FP July 2

16th June 2021 : Online Meeting replanning all project lifetime

FP June 1

FP June 2

28th May 2020 : Second online partners video conference

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27th April 2020 : First online partners video conference

First partners encounter to start up time of Corona pandemic.

FP kickoff 3   FP kickoff

31st January 2020 : Meeting of Coordinators of new Strategic Partnerships for Youth at the Erasmus+ National Agency

Meeting and networking between project coordinators and discussion about project management

FP NA meeting