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IO1 A11 : PUBLISHING OF FINAL JOINT PUBLICATION and distribution effort via different channels and targeted effort in the different sectors, interest groups to ensure reach.  (LABA and VisMedNet tapping networks of all partners)

IO1A9: Editorial Board

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From the proposal

2. a final joint publication that will be a compendium of papers / contributions. It will be called "Real and Effective Community Engagement for more Human Centred and Inclusive Urban Projects" and its contributors will be at least 10 youth leaders and 38 youths who participated in the development of this IO, other stakeholders and players that have an interest in the topic and subject areas of Social Dialogue, Community Engagement, Human Centred Urban Design, Inclusive Urban Areas etc.


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IO1 A8 : VALIDATION OF LEARNING PROCESS for partners, youth leaders and youths engaged in the local activities on their professional (technical and vision) and personal (social, community and moral engagement in social wellbeing awareness and consciousness) growth also under the leadership of ValIda but with contribution from all partners.


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IO1 A5 : IMPLEMENTATION OF LOCAL ACTIVITIES in which the 6 local groups of youth leaders and youths shall implement the local public consultation according to decisions made in steps 3 and 4 and using the training from ***C1, C2 and C3 to build a sustainable and effective campaigns and to exchange ideas and input since the three training activities will be hosted by partners having ongoing social dialogue local activities ongoing.


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IO1 A4 : START OF LOCAL ACTIVITIES (Formalising with local stakeholders) based on which stakeholder/s will show disposition to cooperate in engaging in a public consultation process about an urban development project that the stakeholder (like a municipality, regional authority or decision making body) could possibly be interested in. This could be a project at a local, regional or national level or it could be a sounding exercise that the stakeholder would wish to embark on.


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IO1 A3 : ESTABLISHMENT OF STRUCTURE AND DYNAMICS OF LOCAL ACTIVITIES in which each partner or cluster of local partners shall decide with the youths in the respective local group about how they see as the best way to engage in a public consultation activity, in which kind of project and which stakeholders to seek for partnership. This will be determined according to context, the profiles, skills and aptitudes of the members of the local group and depending on opportunities.

IO1A2: Creative InternPrize Platform

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From the Proposal

IO1 A2 : USE OF THE CREATIVE INTERNPRIZE DIGITAL PLATFORM for the management of local activities and constant remote cooperation and exchange between the 6 local groups.

Creative InternPrize platform was created in another Erasmus+ project. It was called Creative InternPrize and it was an E+ KA2 VET.