Organising C1 in Bordeaux

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Training Days

Travel day 25th October 2020
Training Day 1 26th October 2020
Training Day 2 27th October 2020
Training Day 3 28th October 2020
Training day 4 29th October 2020
Training Day 30th October 2020
Travel day 31st October 2020

Training venue : Fabrique Pola - 10 Quai de Brazza, 33100 Bordeaux


COVID19 considerations

For information about restrictions / conditions regarding travelling to Bordeaux kindly visit

It is obligatory to wear a face mask when walking around the city centre, on public transport, inside public buildings etc.


Registration form for participants

  Mobilities as per project proposal Actual
Partner Mobilities Youths Mobilities Youth Leaders Youths Youth Leaders
LABA 0 (hosting) 0 (hosting)    
bruit du frigo 0 (hosting) 0 (hosting)    
VisMedNet 2 1    
ValIda 0 0    
NTNU 4 1    
Heimdal 2 1    
ENS 2 1    
Warrols 2 1    

Registered participants


📍Transport between the airport and the city
We can arrange you a local transport with a taxi company. You need to tell us.
But is cheeper to take the shuttle airport (8€ per person). You can pay directly in the bus by credit card or cash - 

📍Local Transport 
Le LABA take in charge the bus for the Tuesday walktrip.
For the other days, to go to the training place, it is possible to go by foot along the river (20min) or local transport by bus from your hotel.
You have 2 choices: 10-trips tickets (13,70€) or 7-days ticket (14,20€). We recommend you the 7-days ticket, with unlimited trips. It is good for your free time and when you arrive from the airport with the shuttle.

For more information about transports in Bordeaux:


📍Hotel reservation

Le LABA has booked for partners « Eklo Bordeaux Centre Bastide » hotel 

>> for adult accompanying: 6 single rooms with a large bed // 53,80€ per day per person
>> for youth: 2 dormitories of 8 people // 23,96€ per day per person
Partners will pay directly to the hotel when they arrive

NB : The breakfast is not included and cost 6€ per day per person

⚠️ Regarding the COVID situation, we propose this accommodation because the reservation can be modified or canceled for free before 23 oct midnight
But know that if we need more rooms we need to do faster!



📍Food reservation
Le LABA will book for partners lunch and partner will pay directly to the food organisation.
We work with local organisation in order to have really attractive price. We will send it to you.
We can talk later for the evening if you want to organise something on one specific day (maybe the transnational meeting evening)

📍Contacts A WhatsApp group will be created to facilitate the communication during your stay.

Training Programme

Considerations for Human Centred Urban Development and the Optimisation of Public Consultation Process : Focus on Human Centred Urban Development

Description of the Training Activity on the Project Proposal

The training shall be hosted and organised by LABA and Bruit du Frigo in Bordeaux.

Training content shall be agreed upon by the partners in the kick-off meeting and in the preparation before the event.

This training is first of three training activities that will have the same intensive programme:
- mentoring of ongoing local activities by experts after a sharing of experience about the partners' respective ongoing experience back home,
- didactic parts about human centred and inclusive urban development,
- practical workshops about the startup, implementation and conclusion of real and effective community consultation,
- use of social media and other technologies that are useful to help stage virtual and face-to-face public consultation and
- meeting with local stakeholders possibly close to the local activity of the hosting partner.

Although the programme of this training activity will be the same as that of the other two training activities the content will be different and wherever possible the didactic parts of the training shall be filmed and shared internally with the participants in the local groups not present in the mobility to make sure that training reaches as many beneficiaries as possible. It is predicted that there will be more focus on human centred urban development in the first training and, over the three training activities, focus will shift more towards public consultation strategies, use of social media and engagement with policy makers. In this manner the training activities will follow the dynamic of the local activities as understood by all the partners from watching the dynamics on the Creative InternPrize platform for the "projects" for each local group's activities.

Content shall be delivered by experts from different partners in the project especially LABA Bruit du Frigo, NTNU, SNS, Warrols and VisMedNet. There will be ample involvement of experts from the associate partners of VisMedNet in the delivery and mentoring of local activities and there will also be content by the other partners according to necessity especially in the area of expertise in the use of IT.