IO1A2: Creative InternPrize Platform

Submitted by FuturePlannersAdmin on Wed, 09/02/2020 - 08:29

From the Proposal

IO1 A2 : USE OF THE CREATIVE INTERNPRIZE DIGITAL PLATFORM for the management of local activities and constant remote cooperation and exchange between the 6 local groups.

Creative InternPrize platform was created in another Erasmus+ project. It was called Creative InternPrize and it was an E+ KA2 VET.

The platform is a relationship management platform and not a project management platform. It was intended to create a platform where mentor / educator / youth leader and the student / youth (mostly in the creative industries) and the entrepreneur / client cooperate to create mini projects.

More about its origin is here

This is part of the philosophy of cross-project cooperation between Future Planners and Creative InternPrize and also part of the spirit of do not vanish when a project ends.

Users of the platform need to create a profile first, then join or create a project.

In order that we all gain confidence and familiarity with the platform we will use it first between us coordinators and partners for the coordination of dissemination activities (it is like a pilot) but then each partner will create a mini project for each respective local group of youth leaders, youths and local players (such local councils etc.) involved in urban development projects.

Our first homework is to go to and click on Members Area and register. Once one logs in one goes to Update Profile with some info about you.

Please let us know when it is done in the comments below this post. 

You can find some guidance here but the first part only when it speaks about the Creative InternPrize platform.